The Blowing Man

During the Milano Design Week 2015 Editamateria presents The Blowing Man, a collection of 5 pieces in hand blown borosilicate glass made in a limited edition designed by Antonio Aricò. Antonio tell us a story through the poetic and oniric interpretation of the art of glass blowing, he wanted to place the “Man”, the “Creative protagonist” and the “Creator” at the center of attention. The Blowing Man tells the story of a glass blowing man and is told by the object itself. It is not only a project related to the concept of aesthetics and functionality.

Editamateria’s new collection becomes a theater where “Man” is once again the protagonist together with the object, and trough the object itself, in a game of light and shadows highlights the skilled handwork through the poetry of gestures delicate like breaths.

Made in handblown borosilicate glass

Pitcher 34x29 cm
Vase 29x22 cm
Bowl 13x33 cm
Bottle 34x8 cm
Glass 10x12 cm

Edition 29